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Memberships and Donations

As a 100% volunteer nonprofit organization focused on serving all the north Georgia counties where the woolly adelgid is a serious threat, Save Georgia's Hemlocks needs and deeply appreciates the participation and financial support of individuals and groups who embrace our vision.

We don't engage in any extraordinary fundraising activities but strive to operate in the most efficient, cost-effective manner and manage our resources very carefully in line with our stated mission.  Your membership not only provides a vital revenue source for SGH, but also keeps us close to the community we serve, supplies information about its needs, guides us on how best to meet those needs, enables us to carry out the work, and helps us continually fine-tune our Hemlock Help Program.

In return, we pledge to value your input, respect your time, offer you opportunities to use your talents in meaningful ways, and be an organization you can be proud of as we work together to serve others and save our hemlocks.

Did You Know?

$20 = 1 Hemlock Help Clinic, a Hemlock Lesson for 60 school children, or planting materials for 75 hemlock saplings.

$100 = training for 4 new Facilitators, 1,350 post cards for raising awareness, or treating 48 average hemlocks.

$500 = training for 20 new Facilitators, repairing 4 soil injectors, or chemicals to treat 4 acres of forest.

Here are some examples of the educational and charitable services in our budget for this year:

   Hemlock Help Clinics and Facilitator Workshops

   Hemlock treatment projects

   Educational and awareness materials

   Neighborhood hemlock project planning

   Special outreach programs for community groups, property owner associations, school groups, and others

   Charitable assistance to citizens in need of financial help to treat their trees, on a case-by-case basis

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Membership Donations:  If you would like to join Save Georgia's Hemlocks and make a secure on-line membership contribution via PayPal, please click the Donate button below and enter a membership donation level that's comfortable for you. 

Alternatively, you can print a Membership Form and mail it with your check to the address shown on the form.


$5,000 or more

Either way, you'll receive a thank-you letter that can be used for tax purposes along with the offer of a free baby hemlock.


Other Donations:  If you would like to make a secure on-line donation using PayPal, please click the Donate button below.  Or you can mail a donation to Save Georgia's Hemlocks, 37 Woody Bend, Dahlonega, GA 30533.  Either way, you'll receive a thank-you letter that can be used for tax purposes. 


Gift Shop: You can also visit our Gift Shop for unique and useful gifts.  All proceeds benefit the hemlocks.


Donor Privacy Policy

Save Georgia’s Hemlocks, Inc. deeply values the contributions our donors make to sustain our mission.  We recognize that philanthropy is based on voluntary action for the common good.  It is a tradition of giving and sharing that is primary to the quality of life.  To assure our donors that their personal information is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the full extent provided by law and to guide our directors, officers, and members on how they may and may not use this information, we have adopted a formal Donor Privacy Policy which is incorporated in our Bylaws as Attachment B.  A summary of the impact of the Policy is as follows.

   Donor information will be protected with great care and will not be shared, internally or externally, in any illegal or inappropriate way.

   Only those items of donor information specifically listed in the Donor Privacy Policy will be collected and used only for the purposes and in the manner stated in the Policy.

Donor Bill of Rights

Save Georgia’s Hemlocks, Inc. endorses the principles expressed in the Donor Bill of Rights published by GuideStar, Inc. and has incorporated them in our Donor Privacy Policy.  Click to read the full text.

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Send comments or questions by e-mail  or call the Hemlock Help LineSM  706-429-8010.