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Contacts & Sources

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Organizational Contacts

For questions and advice about hemlocks, the woolly adelgid and how to recognize it, treatment options, instructions for treating your trees, or other related concerns, please call the Hemlock Help Line 706-429-8010. 

Property owner associations and other organizations may also call the Hemlock Help Line 706-429-8010 to set up a group presentation, planning for your hemlock preservation project, or special training for volunteers to treat your trees.


 Hemlock Help LineSM  706-429-8010





 U.S. Mail

 P. O. Box 4
 Ellijay, GA  30540

 Physical address
 for deliveries

 3813 Humphrey Mill Rd.
 Mineral Bluff, GA 30559

 Cafe Press to order
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Sources for Treatment Products

Recommended Products -- For lightly to moderately infested hemlocks, Imidacloprid in the powdered form 75 WSP, liquid form 2F or 2L (sold under various brand names), or tablet form (sold as CoreTect) is the recommended treatment.  For heavily infested or very large infested hemlocks, a different product containing Dinotefuran (sold as Safari 20 SG or Transtect 70WSP) is recommended.  In addition to these primary products, there are other consumer products that do-it-yourselfers may consider.  Click below for:

Retail Sources for Property Owners                    Wholesale Sources for Professionals & Retailers

Retail Sources for Property Owners -- HWA treatment products are available from many sources, including the Internet.  Below is a partial list of local retailers that carry them; this list by city is meant for information purposes only, not as a company endorsement.  The GA Forestry Commission’s web site also has a list of insecticide vendors.  If you know of other retailers that should be added to the list, please let us know. 

We suggest you call ahead to be sure the product you want is in stock; if it isn't, you may request the company to order the product for you.  And if you will need a substantial quantity of treatment product, it's a good idea to call more than one supplier to compare products, prices, and any available volume discounts before making your choice.  If you need advice or have questions on the most appropriate treatment product to use for special circumstances, the quantity needed, product characteristics, etc., please call the Hemlock Help Line 706-429-8010.

I = Imidacloprid products, D = Dinotefuran (Safari 20 SG)

RETAIL Sources for Property Owners

Phone I D

 Alpharetta, GA - John Deere Landscapes




 Alpharetta, GA - Regal Chemical




 Americus, GA - Red River Specialties




 Atlanta, GA - Toccoa Solutions




 Blairsville, GA - Nelson's Ace Farm & Garden




 Blue Ridge, GA - Fannin County Co-op




 Buford, GA - Site One Landscaping Supply




 Clayton, GA - Reeves Feed & Farm Supply




 Cleveland, GA - Ash Brothers




 Cleveland, GA - White County Farmers Exchange




 Cumming, GA - FIS Outdoor




 Dahlonega, GA - True Value Hardware




 Dahlonega, GA - Anderson Feed & Supply




 Ellijay, GA - Ace Hardware




 Ellijay, GA - Gravitt Farm Supply




 Hendersonville, NC - Southern Ag




 Indianapolis, IN - TreeStuff




 Jasper, GA - Garner Ace Hardware




 Jasper, GA - SouthScape




 Knoxville, TN - TIPCO




 LaFayette, GA - Ace Hardware




 LaFayette, GA - Southeastern Farmers Co-op



 Norcross, GA - Do My Own Pest Control




 Suwanee, GA - Do Your Own Pest Control




 Suwanee, GA - Helena Chemical Company





Special Notes to Property Owners -- Merit 75% WSP is Bayer's original Imidacloprid product for treating HWA.  However, there are quite a few generic formulations in liquid or powdered form that are chemically equivalent, equally effective, and much less expensive.  When you call to order Imidacloprid, specify that you want a "generic product containing at least 21% Imidacloprid for treating hemlock woolly adelgids."  Then the store will be able to tell you the appropriate product to buy.  See the Chemical Controls page for a list of products.

Safari 20 SG is a water-soluble granule containing Dinotefuran and is packaged in either a 12-ounce or 3-pound container.  It comes with a specially marked measuring cup to use for measuring the product.  Transtect 70 WSP is a similar water-soluble powder and is packed in a canister containing twenty 0.6-ounce packets, but it's difficult to find in the southeast.  There is currently no generic version of these products.

Wholesale Sources for Professionals and Retailers -- We want to encourage as many retailers as possible to carry HWA treatment products in the hope that if property owners can find them locally, they will save more hemlocks.  Therefore, to make it easier for retailers to find wholesalers that sell the appropriate products, we've developed a partial list of insecticide wholesalers for the southeastern market.  This alphabetical list is meant for information purposes only, not as a company endorsement.  If you know of other wholesalers that should be added to the list, please let us know.

Treatment Product WHOLESALERS for Southeastern Market

 BWI,  Norcross


 Do-My-Own-Pest-Control,  Norcross


 Do-Your-Own -Pest-Control,  Suwanee


 GROSouth,  Atlanta


 Helena Chemical Co.,  Suwanee


 John Deere ,  Alpharetta


 Red River Specialties,  Americus


 Regal Chemical, Alpharetta


 Residex - Target Specialty, Norcross 


 Southern Ag, Hendersonville, NC 


 TIPCO, Knoxville, TN


 Toccoa Solutions, Atlanta


 Tree Stuff, Indianapolis, IN


 White County Farmers Exchange, Cleveland



Sources for Application Devices

Borrowing -- Once you have acquired the necessary treatment product, you may call one of the locations listed below and request to borrow a soil injector.  In addition, quite a few neighborhood associations (a few of which are listed here) have purchased injectors for lending to residents.  There is no fee for borrowing an injector from the Georgia Forestry Commission or UGA Extension Service, but a refundable deposit may be required; neighborhood associations may have their own requirements.

Note:  The kind of soil injectors available from each borrowing location may vary: handheld Kioritz, backpack 1-Two Root Injector, or handheld EZ-Ject Lite.  The mixing and dosing instructions for each of these units are DIFFERENT, so please look carefully at the title of the instructions you choose or call the Hemlock Help Line to be sure you're using the right ones.

 County/Contact   Location  Phone


 Jimmy Stewart

 GA Forestry Commission
 156 Robert Ryan Jr. Rd.
 Trenton, GA 30752

 Save Georgia's Hemlocks
 Cloudland, GA  30731




 Dawson  GA Forestry Commission
 4500 Highway 53 East
 Dawsonville, GA  30534
 Fannin  GA Forestry Commission
 10990 Morganton Highway
 Morganton, GA 30560


 Derrick Morris

Dave Teffeteller

 Sherry Petraroli

 GA Forestry Commission 
 25 Ellington Rd.
 Ellijay, GA 30540

 Save Georgia's Hemlocks
 Cherry Log, GA  30522

 Blackberry Mountain Community
 Ellijay, GA  30536

 Hidden Lake Community
 Cherry Log, GA  30522






 Habersham  GA Forestry Commission
 3997 Toccoa Highway
 Clarkesville, GA 30523

Donna Shearer

Jack Rogers

 GA Forestry Commission
 159 Crown Mountain Dr.
 Dahlonega, GA 30533

 Save Georgia's Hemlocks
 Dahlonega, GA  30533

 Lumpkin Coalition
 Dahlonega, GA 30533






 Murray  GA Forestry Commission
 705 Old Ellijay Ellijay Rd.
 Chatsworth, GA 30705


 Jim Heilman

 GA Forestry Commission
 1350 A W Lawson Blvd.
 Jasper, GA 30143

 Save Georgia's Hemlocks
 Jasper, GA 30143






 Buz Stone

 UGA Cooperative Extension Service
 184 South Main St.,  Suite 185
 Clayton, GA 30525

 Save Georgia's Hemlocks
 Lakemont, GA  30552




 Towns  UGA Cooperative Extension Service
 67 Lake View Circle
 Hiawassee, GA 30546



 Jim Wentworth

 GA Forestry Commission
 3021 Pat Colwell Rd.
 Blairsville, GA 30512

 UGA Cooperative Extension Service
 185 Welborn Street, Civic Center
 Blairsville, GA 30512

 Save Georgia's Hemlocks
 Blairsville, GA  30512






 Walker  GA Forestry Commission
 207 Foster Blvd.
 Lafayette, GA 30728


Purchasing -- The Kioritz soil injector is no longer being manufactured and is unavailable for purchase, so if you have one or use one, please take good care of it.  See Kioritz Soil Injector Maintenance, Testing & Adjusting..  If you have a Kioritz soil injector that needs service or know of one that's not being used (even if it's broken), please call the Hemlock Help Line 706-429-8010.

Here is information on two alternative handheld devices that are available for purchase.


The 1-Two Root Injector from Nu-Arbor is being marketed as a replacement for the Kioritz, although it is quite different.  It consists of a 4-gallon back-pack tank connected by a hose to a metal injection probe with fixed calibration and is available from the companies listed below and possibly other sources on the Internet.  Click here for more information about the Nu-Arbor injector.   You can also read an evaluation prepared by Bob Pledger outlining his personal findings on its performance treating hemlocks in landscape and forested settings.  See Nu-Arbor Injector Maintenance, Testing & Adjusting.  Also see https://www.treestuff.com/content/pdf/1TwoInstructions.pdf.

Nu-Arbor, https://www.nu-arbor.com/1-two-root-injector, 888-773-8777
Rittenhouse, https://www.mkrittenhouse.com/us/tree-root-injector, 800-461-1041


The EZject Lite soil injector is a handheld device similar in size, weight, and operation to the Kioritz many of you are familiar with.  The key differences are a 1-gallon tank (compared to 3 qts. for the Kioritz), fixed output of either 1/2 or 1/4 oz. per pump (compared to  an adjustable output for the Kioritz), and a sturdy foot pedal for pushing the probe into the soil.  Click here for a features flyer.

EZject Lite weighs only 8.5 pounds and has a narrow stirrup-shaped handle, making it easy to get close to the base of the tree.  It is available with a cylinder lock that prevents the unit from dispensing liquid if you need to use the handle to push it into the ground or use it as a “walking stick” on steep hills. 

Orders can be placed through various Internet sources or directly through the manufacturer.  When ordering an injector to treat hemlocks, please specify EZject Lite, Model S2B with an output of 1/4 oz. per pump).

For information on the product, visit EZject, Inc., https://www.arborsystems.com/?s=EZ-ject+soil+injector.
To find a distributor for the product, visit https://www.arborsystems.com/ez-ject/ez-ject-lance-distributors/.
Sources for EZject Lite 1/4 oz output:   https://www.forestrydistributing.com/ez-ject-soil-injector-arbor-systems, (303) 747-6414
                                                                        or https://www.arborsystems.com/ez-ject/, (888) 395-6732


Repairing/Refurbishing -- SGH has developed a repair capability for the Kioritz soil injector.  If you have one that is broken, missing parts, or not working properly (i.e., putting out less than 2 ounces of fluid for 12 pumps of the handle), please call the Hemlock Help Line 706-429-8010.  We have replacement or remanufactured parts and can usually restore them to proper function.  The service is free; the only cost is for parts used and return shipping.

Other Equipment -- Hand-pump, back-pack, or sled-style sprayers may be found at retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe's, Site One Landscaping Supply, Tractor Supply, or your local farm co-op or hardware store.

All product and source names mentioned above are meant for informational purposes only, not as product or company endorsements.


Qualified Professionals Specializing in Hemlocks

If you want to contract with a professional to treat your hemlocks, here are the qualifications that we recommend you should look for:

   License -- has a current contractor's pesticide applicator license listed on the Georgia Department of Agriculture's web site in the appropriate categories (23 Forest Pest Control and/or 24 Ornamental and Turf Pest Control);

n   Insurance -- has the liability insurance required by the State of Georgia;

n   Expertise -- is experienced in treating hemlocks using best practices and offers application methods other than trunk injection;

n   Availability -- covers all or part of north Georgia; and

n   Service -- provides good customer service.

Here are some local companies that we know meet the above qualifications.  These and other licensed HWA Pesticide Applicators are also listed on the Georgia Forestry Commission's web site.  We suggest that you call more than one company to compare services and prices before making your choice.

Georgia Companies Contact Information
TerraMedics     (GA)
J. T. Kieffer   770-519-7782
Miller Hollstein   678-313-3162
Green Leaf    (GA & NC)
Kevin Johnson
Adelrid   (GA & NC)
Jann George
Nichols Fine Gardening (GA & NC)
Carver Nichols
Rustic Countrysides,  Clayton
Stephen Quaife (northeast GA)
Southern Hemlock Helpers,  Clarkesville
Shawn Lee  (northeast GA)
Other Companies Serving Georgia Contact Information

Appalachian Arborists, Asheville, NC

Will Blozan

Hemlock Healers, Waynesboro, NC
Frank Varvoutis
706-374-5355,  828-734-7819

To find a properly licensed pesticide applicator in North Carolina -- Go to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture web site https://apps.ncagr.gov/AgRSysPortalV2/licensesearch,  where you can search for a Commercial Pesticide Applicator in your area with a license in either Forestry or Turf & Ornamental Pest Control. Then you'll need to call them to verify that they actually treat hemlocks and that they offer a treatment other than stem injection.

To find a properly licensed pesticide applicator in other states -- Contact the state's Department of Agriculture Pesticide Division and ask how to find a list of qualified pesticide applicators who treat hemlocks for the woolly adelgid in either a residential or forest setting.



Hemlocks are wonderful in a landscape or woodland setting and can enhance the beauty and value of your property.  They can be used as Christmas trees and then planted outdoors, make thoughtful gifts to commemorate special events, and offer valuable lessons in nature and stewardship for the children in your life.  Each hemlock that is adopted, planted, and cared for is important to the preservation of the species.  And if you adopt hemlocks through Save Georgia's Hemlocks, you'll also be supporting our efforts to help more property owners save their hemlocks, plus all or part of your donation will be tax-deductible.

Below is a partial list of sources that may have hemlocks.  It is meant for information purposes only, not as a company endorsement.  If you know of other good sources of clean healthy hemlocks, please let us know.

Sources Comments
 Save Georgia's Hemlocks, Dahlonega,
SGH does not sell its trees, but we offer them for adoption for a
suggested voluntary donation.  We usually have the following locally grown trees (in their natural form unless otherwise indicated) for the suggested donation amounts:
$10     Seedlings 1 - 2' tall in 1 gal. pot
 · $15     Saplings 2-3'  tall in 1 gal. pot
 · $25     Saplings 3'  tall in 3 gal. pot
· $35     Saplings  4' tall in 3-5 gal. pot
· $40     Saplings  3' tall (sheared) in 3-5 gal. pot
 · $50     Saplings  4' - 5' tall (sheared) in 3-5 gal. pot
 · Larger hemlocks may be available with the suggested
    donation based on plant size.
· All of our saplings are in containers, but we may be able to
    provide bare-root seedlings on special request.
Mullinax, Cumming,

Nearly Native Nursery, Fayetteville,

Pike Nursery:  
   Alpharetta 770-641-1217
   Cumming 770-205-1737
   Marietta 770-977-3040
   Roswell 770-645-6457

Sweetwater Nursery, Dahlonega

Whispering Springs Nursery, Jasper

For the sources listed to the left:

   Sizes and prices may vary widely.  Please call and compare.
  Trees from sources other than SGH are likely to cost more and
  may or may not have already been treated for HWA.

   Availability also varies -- year-round, spring and fall, or just
   Christmas time.

   Trees may be balled-and-burlapped or in containers,
   depending on the source.  We recommend containers
   for best transplant results.

Colonial Acres Nursery, Brevard, NC
 Has potted hemlocks of various sizes year-round

As part of our educational and charitable service initiatives, we also give away hemlock seedlings to schools, churches, and other nonprofit organizations.  We are particularly interested in finding groups willing to undertake hemlock growing projects and will supply the starter seedlings and training free of charge.  Please call the Hemlock Help Line 706-429-8010 for more information.



Save Georgia's Hemlocks has no business connections with any of the chemical vendors, equipment dealers, professional pesticide applicators, or tree sources listed or linked above.


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