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The Stakes
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About Us

Guiding Principles
Program Description
Steady Progress
Proactive Plans for the Future
Organizing Documents
  Notice of Incorporation
  Articles of Incorporation
  501(c)(3) Letter of Determination

HWA Controls

Cultural Controls
  Cultural Practices
  Care and Maintenance of Hemlocks
  Care of Hemlock Saplings
  Care of Hemlock Seedlings
  Planting or Transplanting Hemlocks
  Potting Hemlock Saplings/Seedlings
  Water Needs Chart

Chemical Controls
  Choosing Systemic or Nonsystemic Treatment
  Selecting a Systemic Treatment Product
  Choosing between Imidacloprid & Dinotefuran
    Imidacloprid Information
    Imidacloprid Product Labels & SDS
    Dinotefuran Information
    Dinotefuran Product Labels & SDS
    Consumer Products
    Consumer Product Labels & SDS

  Choosing an Application Method
  Advantages of Chemical Controls
  Disadvantages of Chemical Controls

Biological Controls
  The Challenge
  The Hope
  How to Help on Public Lands
  How to Help the Beetle Labs

Hemlock Help

Who's Responsible for Our Trees?
The Bad News -- Why You Should Care
HWA Annual Spread Map
The Good News -- Help Is Here
Counties Served by Hemlock Help Program
Key Program Services

Contacts & Sources

Organizational Contacts
Sources for Treatment Products
Borrowing Soil Injectors
Purchasing Soil Injectors
Repair/Refurbishing of Soil Injectors
Qualified Professionals Specializing in Hemlocks
Purchasing Hemlocks


Introductory Materials
  Saving Georgia's Hemlocks (mp4)
  Hemlock Help Clinic (PowerPoint presentation)
  Program Description
  Hemlock FAQs
  Hemlock Facts & Fiction
  Why Save the Hemlock?
  How SGH Uses Your Donations
Treatment Instructions
  Getting Started
  The Details - Imidacloprid 2F / 2L
  The Details - Imidacloprid 75 WSP (1.6 oz)
  The Details - Imidacloprid 75 WSP (2.25 oz)
  The Details - Imidacloprid WP
  The Details - Imidacloprid tablet form
  The Details - Imidacloprid low concentration
  The Details - Safari 20 SG
  The Details - Transtect 70 WSP
  The Details - Zylam 10% liquid
Ultimate Shortcut Instructions
Materials for Helping Others
  Healthy Hemlocks Keep Trout Happy
  Helping on Georgia's Public Lands
  Neighborhood Hemlock Help Planning Guide
  Sanctuary in Crisis
  Volunteer Opportunities
  Youth Volunteer Opportunities
Other SGH Instructions & Reference Materials
SGH Newsletters
SGH Articles
Other Articles & Publications
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