Usage Rules

for Save Georgia's Hemlocks Materials

The SGH materials on our web site contain a great deal of useful, up-to-date information that we sincerely hope interested persons and groups will share widely for the benefit of property owners and their hemlocks.  Please be aware, however, that they are copyrighted, that some of them contain detailed scientific information that is sensitive and must be used responsibly, and that the information is continually reviewed and frequently updated on the web site.  Here are the rules for using our materials.

1.  Any group or person wanting to use our materials for presenting or handing out is welcome to reproduce them as is. A partner group may also co-brand them as is by adding (not replacing) their own logo.  No special permission is required.

2.  No group or person may re-brand, co-opt, or amend our materials in any way without specific written permission.

3.  And of course, because we are a non-profit organization, none of our materials may be used for any commercial or for-profit use.

If anyone has questions, suggestions, or corrections to bring to our attention concerning any of our materials, please e-mail us or call the Hemlock Help Line
SM 706-429-8010.  And thanks for your cooperation.